Handouts Section

This section (and the Investigator/Characters section) of The Dhole's House was inspired by David Harvey's excellent 'Byakhee character generator'. I really liked the telegram and news clipping facility that he had incorporated into his program and decided to create a web-based collection of handout/prop generators that could be used in Call of Cthulhu® (and other RPG) games.

Creating handouts for Call of Cthulhu® has always been one of my favourite parts of being a Keeper but all too often there's not enough time to produce handouts for a scenario, or you're loathe to cut out the parts that are provided with the scenario.

The prop generators hosted here allow you to create various gaming aids in PDF format that you can then download/save and print out. The generators all have various options that allow you to control many aspects so that you can create something that will fit right into your game.

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