The Calling Card

Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville:
"The Minister may regard my observation as dated but I raise a footnote to the comments of the noble Lord, Lord Phillips of Sudbury. I offer to the Chamber the remark by Raymond Asquith's mother-in-law, Lady Horner, in about 1900. She said that there is no social event in the entire kingdom to which one cannot gain access by writing "Admit two" on your visiting card."

Sound advice for any would be investigator?

If you need a calling or visiting card as a prop for your game then you've come to the right place. At the moment the card templates are limited to six 1920's (Art Deco style) borders, as per the example on the right.

You can choose from nine different font styles and choose to align the address to the left, right or centred. In addition, members can choose from more font styles as well as having the option add a logo in the background - currently you can choose from 'the yellow sign' and HPL's or Derleth's version of the elder sign. We'll add more options during later development, as well as add templates more suitable for earlier and later eras.

After entering your chosen name, occupation, address (optional) and picked the template, font style and logo (also optional) you will be presented with an image of the card - generated by our back-room ghoul's. If you want to change things then you can do so, if you're happy with the card then you can download a PDF of the card (8 laid out on an A4 page size) that you can save or print at your leisure.

"May I present my card?"

The above calling card was generated on this website. To create your own Investigator or NPC's calling card click 'Create 1920's Card' on the on the right hand panel.

By entering a name, occupation and address you can create a page of calling cards to download. You can choose where to place the address and choose from six different background/border styles and nine different font styles.

Create 1920's Card

Members of the site have the option to add a background image and choosing from more font and border styles.

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