Character/NPC Library

The Dhole's House Character/NPC Library is a place where site members can share their characters for others to use in their games. Hopefully this repository will be useful and become a large resource for the Call of Cthulhu® gaming community.

Site members can choose to share their characters which are 'cloned' into the Character/NPC Library and made available for download (PDF Character sheets), for use in other people's games.

The Character/NPC Library is searchable via occupation and or gender, we may add an age-range feature in the near future too. There's currently two libraries one for Call of Cthulhu® 7th edition characters and one for Call of Cthulhu® 6th edition characters, both are searchable and useable in the same way.

At the moment The Dhole's House only supports Classic Era characters, if the Character/NPC Library proves to be a popular resource then there are plans to add support for other eras.

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