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Call of Cthulhu® 7th Edition

Fully featured Call of Cthulhu® investigator generators (with downloadable PDF character sheets).

Easy to follow system to create Call of Cthulhu® 7th Edition compatible Investigators. Investigators saved to your very own 'Character Control Panel' where you can download a PDF character sheet, choose a character portrait from a library of over 1000 images (or upload you own), updates to skills, sanity, and more!

There are three methods for creating your Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Investigator:

Pulp Cthulhu

Era Support for:

  • Modern
  • Pulp Cthulhu! 1930s
  • Classic - 1920's
  • Gaslight
  • Down Darker Trails + Pulp Options
  • Regency Cthulhu NEW!

Your existing Call of Cthulhu® 7th Edition Characters can also be added to your using the:

Whichever way you choose to create your investigator, you could have fully completed a PDF character sheet in as little as five minutes.

A Cthulhu Moment...

Under the light of the stars, Camilla and Cassilda went out to play by the Lake...

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